Project deliverables will be posted on this website after they are approved by the Project Steering Committee in accordance with the project work plan (see below).

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Work Plan of GEF project “Enabling transboundary co-operation and integrated water resources management in the Dniester River Basin” for 2019


2nd year of the project duration

* – start of procurement,
х – meeting,
М – Moldova,
U – Ukraine

















Component 1: Analysis of the water resources, related ecosystems and their use

1.1.1 Data collection for TDA

Screening (once)

Monitoring (once * 12 months)


Monitoring system development – tbc

Development of thematic reports

Nitrates Directive

Assessment of the impact of the Dniester Hydro Power Complex

Dniester Hydro Power Complex operation rules (through the Commission’s WG)


Informing of the development of the Upper Dniester hydropower cascade potential

Preparing national reports (WFD)

Preparing a general report

Printing the TDA


Printing of research data collected for TDA

Approval of the general report (at the Commission’s meeting)


1.2.1 Water balance

1.3.1 Feasibility study of the projects for adaption to CC

Component 2: Development of the policy, legal and institutional set-up

2.1.1 Preparation and approval of the SAP (2019 – preparation)


2.2.1 Rules of procedure of the Commission – done

2.3.1 Basin councils / committees (meetings) (1. impact, 2. monitoring results)

*tbc МTbc Utbc М,U

2.4.1 Improvement / development of the national RBMP and transboundary SAP

2.5.1 Bilateral working groups – tbc ( Skype?)


2.6.1 Stakeholder involvement mechanism – done

2.7.1 Twinning with other basins – done

2.8.1 Communication strategy of the project – done

2.8.2 Summer school


2.8.3 Kayak expedition


2.8.4 Colours of the Dniester

*xх juri

2.8.5 Info boards along the Dniester River (partially by the Dniester Day)


2.8.6 Dniester Day and festival


2.8.7 Start-ups competition (beginning of the year or starting from summer)


2.8.8 Gender equality – strategy – done

2.9.1 Maintaining project website

2.9.2 GEF IW:Learn tracking (mid-term)

2.9.3 Participation in conferences (IW:Learn, UNECE, etc.)

* Austral Kura
Component 3: Improved monitoring and information exchange in the Dniester River Basin

3.1.1 Floods simulation – see 3.2.3

3.1.2 Flash floods forecast- dates tbc

3.1.3 Inflow forecast

3.2.1 Reservoirs modelling – dates tbc

3.2.3 Flood risk MP

3.2.4 Platform for Hydromet (website) – dates tbc

3.2.5 Fundraise for stations and equipment – dates tbc

3.3.1 Training of hydromet


3.4.1 Demo projects

3.5.1 Dniester conference


3.5.2 Media engagement

Project management

Meetings of the Project Steering Committee


Mid-term and terminal evaluations / project audit

Coordination and management

More on the results of the previous Dniester projects