Rules and Composition

The Governments of the Republic of Moldova and Ukraine each appoint a Plenipotentiary and two deputies to consider the issues related to the protection and improvement of the ecological and sanitary condition of water bodies and water management systems; determine the principles of use of the shared border water bodies of the Republic of Moldova and Ukraine and establish the regime of their use. The Plenipotentiaries normally meet once a year, alternately in the territory of each state. To ensure the practical handling of issues, the Plenipotentiaries establish working groups, have the right to engage the services of experts and organise their meetings, and consider current issues relating to the joint use and protection of border waters.

Following the adoption of the Treaty on Cooperation in the Field of Protection and Sustainable Development of the Dniester River Basin in 2012, the Plenipotentiaries participate in the work of the Dniester Commission as first deputies and co-chairs.

A number of regulations have been signed to implement the Agreement of 1994:

  1. Regulation on the Ukrainian-Moldovan Cooperation on Water and Environmental Monitoring and Control of Water Quality
  2. Regulation on Stakeholder Participation in the Activities of the Institution of Plenipotentiaries under the Agreement between the Government of the Republic of Moldova and the Government of Ukraine on the Joint Use and Protection of Border Waters, which were adopted on 19 December 2007 
  3. Regulation on the Ukrainian-Moldovan Cooperation on Flood Protection at the Border and Inland Waters
  4. Regulation on Measures in Case of Dangerous and Extraordinary Pollution of Border Rivers That Cannot Be Avoided