A Joint Statement on the Strategic Action Programme for the Dniester River Basin for 2021 – 2035 signed

Posted on 8.04.2021

The vision of the Dniester Commission for the 8 million inhabitants of the river basin is to constantly improve the state of the basin through the protection and environmentally sound use of water and other natural resources and ecosystems, as well as effective cooperation between the Republic of Moldova and Ukraine on these issues.

On March 31, 2021, Mr Gennadiy Yurko, State Secretary of the Ministry of Agriculture, Regional Development and Environment of the Republic of Moldova and Mr Mykhailo Khoriev, Deputy Minister of Environmental Protection and Natural Resources of Ukraine, signed a Joint Statement on the Strategic Action Programme for the basin Dniester River Basin for 2021-2035 (<< in English; in Russian; Moldovan and Ukrainian versions are being prepared).

The Strategic Action Program (SAP) is one of the key strategic documents of the Commission on Sustainable Use and Protection of the Dniester River Basin, it is based on the findings of the Transboundary Diagnostic Analysis for the Dniester River Basin (TDA). Both documents have been developed according to the methodology agreed by the two countries and have been extensively consulted. The documents contribute to the Dniester river basin management planning at the national level, as well as support implementation of international commitments to develop joint plans for the transboundary basins.

SAP defines seven strategic directions:

  1. Reduction of water pollution from point and diffuse sources, as well as plastic pollution; management of tailings storage facilities and prevention of accidental pollution;
  2. improvement of hydromorphological status and potential of surface water bodies;
  3. protection and prevention of surface and groundwater degradation;
  4. mitigation of climate change and natural disasters;
  5. improvement of the legal and regulatory framework and mechanisms for its implementation;
  6. strengthening Moldovan-Ukrainian cooperation in the field of water resources management;
  7. promotion of rational use of water resources.

For each of the 74 measures in the SAP, there is a description of the measures, the responsible authorities, sources of funding (both national and external), estimates of the budget, implementation timeframes, as well as an indicator of assessment of the implementation of the measures.

The progress of the SAP implementation will be presented annually at the Dniester Commission meeting. A selection of priorities shall be reviewed every 5 years. Priorities for the coming five years are presented in the document.

The SAP has been developed in the framework of the GEF / UNDP/ OSCE/ UNECE project “Enabling transboundary co-operation and integrated water resources management in the Dniester River Basin” at the request of the governments of the Republic of Moldova and Ukraine.