Experts are invited to comment on the Dniester Basin Management Plan

Posted on 12.07.2019

Moldovan and Ukrainian specialists prepared the first version of the Transboundary River Basin Management Plan  Part 1 “General characteristics and state assessment” (Russian version; hereinafter referred to as the “Plan”, in GEF terminology – TDA).


This work has lasted for more than a year within the GEF-backed Dniester project, bringing together 30 representatives from Moldova and Ukraine, as well as the authorities of both countries, international organizations and experts from the European Union. Based on this first part of the Plan, a program of activities will be developed.


The document was developed in the framework of the national legislations of Moldova and Ukraine, and in accordance with the structure established by the EU Water Framework Directive. It contains a description of the basin, issues of identification of surface and groundwater bodies (water bodies), the main transboundary problems and their causes, the assessment of anthropogenic influence on each water body.

Most of the presented work is unique, since such studies were conducted for the first time in the Dniester basin countries.




In addition to the main document, the related infographics were developed:

  • condition of groundwater bodies (in MDRU, UA);
  • main anthropogenic influences (in MDRU, UA);
  • risk assessment of failure to achieve good ecological status of surface water bodies (in MDRU, UA);
  • risk assessment of failure to achieve good chemical status of surface water bodies (in MDRU, UA);
  • Dniester Basin: current state (in MD, RU, UA);
  • hydromorphological changes (in MD, RU, UA);
  • risk of pollution with hazardous substances (in MD, RU, UA).


Comments and suggestions are accepted until August 16 (incl.) via email to