Halfway to the completion of the Dniester project

Posted on 15.07.2019

We invite you to go through the mid-term review (MTR) of the implementation of the GEF project.

The project “Enabling Transboundary Cooperation and Integrated Water Resources Management in the Dniester River Basin” has been actively implemented since November 2017.

We’d like to recall that it was developed at the request of the governments of the Republic of Moldova and Ukraine in order to introduce mechanisms for the integrated management of water resources in the Dniester River Basin to ensure its sustainable development.

The evaluation report contains a list of the project tasks, status of their completion, analysis of the organization of work, challenges and existing risks, as well as recommendations.

The project was evaluated by an independent expert Mr Glen Hearns (Eco-Logical Resolutions, Ltd., Canada) as a result of numerous meetings with representatives of environmental ministries, water agencies, non-governmental organizations and members of the project team.


The original version of the document is prepared in English; we recommend using automatic translation services to translate into a preferred language (for example, Google Translate, Deepl.com) for translation.

Mid Term Review (document)